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Roobi­otic wins Sil­ver Prize at the FreeFrom Food Awards

What’s our mood today? We are happy! We might be free from gluten and GMO, but we are heavy with awesome! Roobiotic was presented with Silver prize certificate by Antony Worrall Thompson before 350 guests at the Royal College of Physicians last night at the prestigious FreeFrom Food Awards. Our amazing energy Matcha Choc Chip ball won the hearts and the taste buds of the jury in the category “Bars-cereal, fruit, superfood, grain-free” which is sponsored by Synergis Marketing. We are very proud with the success of our Roobiotic energy balls because they are the latest addition to the Roobar family and they are already stealing the spotlight. The judges found the energy balls to be 'Very more-ish although agreeably low in sugar.' and that 'Mint dominates – which is a good thing!'