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Turn your Hobby into an Inter­na­tional Business

The wave of success that Roobar has been riding didn’t come out of the blue. It’s the result of a careful search for the right recipe that will excite the palate and weaken the knees with delight. The recipe for success includes finding the right moment and holding onto it without second-guessing yourself with questions such as “should I wait?”, “why me?”, “what if it doesn’t work out?”… It’s all about jumping on the wave and riding with it. In order to do so you need courage to take the risk and perseverance to keep going no matter the obstacles. It also takes a lot of trust and even more love towards your work as love tends to be seen through the packaging. When you make authentic food with no compromise, the result is international recognition and the enthusiasm about your product becomes contagious. The creator of Roobar, Anita Klasanova talked about the borderless success at TEDxMladоstWomen. She, along with 7 other female lecturers, shared their insights on how to find the right moment and follow it, as well as evoking your inner strength that gives you the irreplaceable feeling that nothing can stop you.