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First Bul­gar­ian To Fin­ish Bad­wa­ter: World’s Tough­est Foot Race

If you think the streets are hot and it is a feat to get to work, let us tell you about ultramarathon runner Krasse Georgiev. Apart from being one of our most loved and proven superheroes, Krasse came into history as the first Bulgarian who participated and completed the most difficult race in the world - Badwater. The route is 216 km long and is located in Death Valley, United States. The start is at 85 m below sea level, which is the lowest point in North America, and the finish is at 4417 meters in Mount Whitney. And to make the whole ordeal even hotter, the temperature of the air rarely falls below 45 degrees Celsius. Even at 10 at night, temperatures are about 46 degrees Celsius. The temperature of the pavement is 90 degrees at the terrain.