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Plum and coconut sweets

Raw Desserts

My favorite sweets for lazy weekends. So easy to prepare and so hard to resist. A cup of hot almond mylk is the perfect match.


(for 10 pieces)
100g soft plums, pitted
2 Tbsp coconut (desiccated or flakes)
1 Tbsp coconut cream 
50g sunflower seeds
Pinch of Bourbon vanilla

extra coconut flakes for decoration

Plum and coconut sweets


  1. Mix all ingredients, except sunflower seeds and coconut flakes, in a blender and blend to obtain a sticky mixture.
  2. Add the other ingredient. 
  3. Mix by hand.
  4. Form small balls.
  5. Decorate with coconut flakes.
Plum and coconut sweets