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Pumpkin seed protein bars with chia

Raw Desserts

It's our favorite snack after a workout. Recharge fully with these high fiber and plant protein-based bars. Crunchy and not that sweet, perfect for the active people among us.


(4 bars)

100g dates, pitted
100g Medjool dates, pitted
50g pumpkin seeds, hulled
20g pumpkin seed butter
20g hemp protein
10g chia seeds

for decoration:
2-3 cacao beans

Pumpkin seed protein bars with chia


  • Mix dates, pumpkin seed butter and hemp protein and blend to obtain a sticky mixture.
  • Add pumpkin seeds, chia seeds, and cocoa beans.
  • Mix the seeds by hand.
  • Transfer the mixture to the not-sticky surface and press down to form an even layer around 1cm thick.
  • Cut in bars or other shapes.
  • Store in a cool and dry place.
Pumpkin seed protein bars with chia