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Doychin & Nikolay

Recently Doychin and Nikolay took Roo’bar for a snowy hike in... Antarctica. Yes, the brave and tough duo were the first climbers to get on top of an unexplored peak on Livingston Island. 

In fact, Doychin and Nikolay have climbed many peaks that no one else ever has and we are super proud of them. The two say they love Roobar because they can count on it in the extreme weather they often have to deal with on their adventures. Roobar is the only food they carry with them that doesn't have to be chopped up with an ice axe at let's say -40˚C. Ever since Expedition Antarctica, Doychin and Nikolay always keep a Roobar in their pockets whether they go climbing, bungee-jumping, kayaking or cycling.