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Paula Gorycka

Paula Gorycka is a lady with superpowers. Her motto is: "Impossible does not exist" and she shows it to the world every day of her busy life. Laughing, positive, energetic, intelligent and, by the way, many times champion in one of the most physical bike disciplines- cross country.


Gorycka was born in Krakow, Poland and from young ages she is into cycling. Don’t be fooled by her delicate appearance because there is a real champion living inside her. From 2008 till present she has been on more than 25 podiums, wearing gold on most of them. Paula is dedicated to her favourite sport and she trains every day. When she is not up in the mountain, she spends her time on her other hobbies like logical puzzles, hand-made jewelry and, wait for it,  mathematics. Just add to this eclectic mixture dietetics and physiology and you will find out what kind of person she is.