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Georgi Vassilev, or just Gofko, as all who know him call him, controls the elements. Because if you can surf with a strapless kitesurf the way he does, you really should be able to speak the language of the winds and waves well. 

Gofko is a child of the sea. Born at the Bulgarian sea coast in Burgas and grown in a small Black Sea town, he was very young when he realized that in addition to bringing rain, the wind can also be used for more fun purposes. As most people do, Gofko got hooked with extreme sports by skateboarding, going through almost every other kind of board sport until he found his big love- strapless kitesurfing. Because of his experience with skimboard, skate, surf and wakeboard, he easily manages to progress daily and develop an extraordinary style of surfing. The Last 8 years of his life have been dedicated to the wind and the waves. Gofko dreams to travel around the world and promote his beloved kitesurfing, and some day to make his own “kitesurfer factory” so he can help as many people as he can start surfing.